Of Things Believed

by Don Shreffler

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These songs came about in 2014. At the time, my friend Reagan Taylor was leading worship with me at The Vine Community Church in Oklahoma City. She loves Christ and his people—so much so that she has since moved to Thailand to tell people about Jesus and plant churches. My wife Wendy and I support Reagan financially and through prayer. We follow Reagan’s stories and pray for her needs and those of the Thai people. We think you should too!
You can follow Reagan’s mission on her blog, www.missionary-ish.blogspot.com, and support her financially through avantministries.org/give/.

These are the songs that Reagan and I recorded together. Mended is inspired by an A.W. Tozer quote I read while struggling with some theological ideas that I still don’t fully understand, and possibly never will…

"If all this appears to be self-contradictory---Amen, be it so. The various elements of truth stand in perpetual antithesis, sometimes requiring us to believe apparent opposites while we wait for the moment when we shall know as we are known. Then truth which now appears to be in conflict with itself will arise in shining unity and it will be seen that the conflict has not been in the truth but in our sin-damaged minds."

I am learning to exercise the act of surrender. Surrendering my heart to God in the moments of uncertainty that we all have. Surrendering my mind to the possibility that there are facets of God’s being that are too wondrous for me to entirely grasp. Allowing the mysteries of God to be a catalyst for worship instead of frustration (Hebrews 11:1 and Isaiah 55:8-9).

Mine Eyes is simply a raw and transparent view of my sinful condition and the Gospel that redeems it. The story of the Gospel is only complete when it doesn’t merely give the good news, but precedes that good news with the bad news. That’s the whole story. I am utterly and completely sinful. Jesus lived a perfect life, yet he took my sin upon him and the punishment that comes with it. We must fully concede our desperate condition. Only then will the Gospel be exercised in our lives (Isaiah 6:5, Psalm 36:3-5, Romans 7:24-25).


released August 25, 2016

Songs written by Don Shreffler
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Nicholas Poss at Magic Air Studios
Mastered by Kevin Lively
Art design and layout by Wendy Shreffler
Don Shreffler – Acoustic guitar, vocals
Reagan Taylor – Vocals
Scott Luney – Mandolin
Nicholas Poss – All other instruments and programming



all rights reserved


don paul shreffler Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Mended
Hebrews 11:1/Tozer/Isaiah 55:8-9

Of things believed, a confidence,
Of things not seen, a conviction
In you alone I find my rest
In you release my contention

To trust in realities we’ve not been shown
Belief in the uncomprehended
Til we know of you the way we have been known
‘Til our hearts and minds have been mended

For not my thoughts, like your thoughts
Nor all your ways or intentions
In you alone, the heights, the depths
In you release my dissension

For your ways and ours are like Heaven from earth
And your mighty deeds they are endless
Our souls do await that one glorious day
When our hearts and minds have been mended
In you alone I find my rest
‘Til our hearts and minds have been mended
Track Name: Mine Eyes
Mine eyes
Isaiah 6:5, Psalm 36:3-5, Romans 7:24-25

Woe to me, Lord I cry, unclean lips have I
Mine eyes have seen the King the Lord Almighty

My deeds are wicked and deceitful
In my sleep my mind plots evil
Oh My heart embraces wrong

Wretched man, that I am, born in sin and death
Drinking in iniquity like water

In sin I bear a heavy burden
To the law of sin a servant
Oh to serve the law of God

Your love Oh Lord reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness to the skies
Your blood Oh Lord reaches down to save us
Your righteousness came to die

Woe to me, Lord I cry, unclean lips have I